How to download and register the Customer Care App

The Customer Care App is designed to be used on a mobile device but can also be used on any computer. The App requires a connection to the Internet

Step 1:

Go to and then click on Not registered? Click here to sign up

Step 2:

Complete the Sign Up form. If you provide an Email Address you will receive an email confirming your registration. You will now be able to Login using the Username and Password that you created.

Step 3:

Download the App to your phone and/or your computer. When you are on the Login Screen, click on

This button will not appear if you are using a web browser that doesn't allow Apps to be installed. You need to be using Google Chrome or a Chrome compatible web browser. If you don't have a Chrome compatible web browser then you can continue to use the App as a website.

Step 4:

Set your permissions. The App will ask you if you would like to receive notifications. Clicking Allow will enable us to send you Municipal News, Notices and Events as well as notifications when any problem that you have reported has been resolved.

When App needs to access your camera or get your GPS location you will be asked to allow access to those functions. Please allow this access when asked as it helps us locate and keep photographic records of problems. You can always remove access at a later stage.

Step 5:

Link your Account. If you have a Municipal Account then you need to link that Account (or multiple Accounts) to your App. To do this, click on the Municipal Services icon and then click on the Manage Accounts icon.

Enter your Account No. and then click Link

We need to verify that you are authorised to access this Account. Fill in your Email address and/or ID No. The App will check this against our Billing System to verify that the Email address or ID No. provided matches the Email address or ID No. linked to the Account you are trying to link.

If you have multiple accounts, you can continue to link all your accounts.

Once you have finished linking your Account(s), click on the MENU button in the top left corner of the screen and select Municipal Services

Kouga Customer Care App